There are many reasons that being the first owner of a custom home makes more sense than ever. Although building a new home can be overwhelming and seem impossible to some, with help from Castell Homes, you will receive great enjoyment of creating your custom home that not only suits your needs, but your budget as well. By building a new home you gain advantages that an old home cannot offer, advantages that will not only benefit you and your family, but the environment as well.

There is nothing quite like the excitement of choosing your home's details, inside and out, and being the first one to put the key in the lock.

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Your Guide to New Home Buying and Renovating

New Home Advantage

Every year we find that energy costs have risen. Today's newly constructed homes are designed and built to ensure that your home space is as energy efficient as possible. Advanced construction techniques, increased insulation values and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems will provide improved comfort and most importantly save you money.
Older homes have often been constructed using hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead-based paint and most likely have electrical wiring and plumbing that does not meet today's building codes. New homes are built to current building codes that involve more strict safety requirements regarding materials and in-house systems. Your family safety is always the prime concern. Your new home will be built to meet or exceed the newest building codes and included many safety measures to protect you, your family, and your visitors. Features such as improved electrical circuits and receptacle outlets, ventilation, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will provide you and your family with a safer, more secure home and lifestyle.
Thanks to vast improvements in the efficiency and durability of building materials, new homes don't require as much upkeep as older homes. You will not be surprised by unexpected repair bills for old roofing, or electrical problems and heat or cooling issues. Many home buyers discover they'd rather spend valuable weekend time with family and friends, instead of performing home repair. Do-it-yourself maintenance is not for everyone. Your entire house will be brand new, so you can be confident in your new investment.
Asthma and Allergies are always on the rise. But fortunately your new home means you can be assured your home is free of odors allergens and dangerous molds that are normally associated with an older home. Today's furnaces and air conditioners units were designed to provide enhanced ventilation, filtering capabilities and humidity controls. Most importantly, you and your family will experience the best indoor living environment possible.
New home subdivisions are often built in planned communities that are designed for today's families. Years of careful thought and planning goes into the development of new sub-divisions by developers and the municipality. Private and public areas, appealing home styles, recreational parks, playgrounds, utility services, and safe roads and pathways, were all designed in order to work together to create an inviting and appealing community that your family will be proud to live in. It is not just a customized build home you receive; it is a newly planned and developed community to fit your lifestyle. (See Communities)
Today's new home plans available were designed with a new style built to last, shared with enhanced function of every living area. Open spaces, natural light, inviting work areas and comfortable rest areas are designed with today's lifestyle in mind. Also, because of the flexible layouts and construction techniques in modern design, future desired changes can be easily accommodated to meet your changing needs.

Renovating older homes to today's standard are costly. But a new home can be built the way you want it, the first time! Also, newer products generally offer best value and are a healthier investment. You are able to choose all the features and design elements that best fit you and your family.
From doors, to lighting, to brick, your home will be finished with products that look beautiful and offer greater performance. Because you're building new, you will get the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of options and features that will best suit your family's lifestyle, personality and budget.